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 From Don Troiano

I have spent many thousands of hours modifying mortgages. Within this site I have compiled all the basic information you will probably need to modify your mortgage. The one thing I quickly learned is you will need extreme patience in this project. Also there are a host of people and web sites that will assist you for free. What this site is dedicated to is the tips of the pros to getting your mortgage modified.  

If you are self employed or 1099 employee this is by far the best place to start. Also if you do not make enough money to qualify for your mortgage we have included strategies that may assist you in qualifying.

We have included forms the pros use and the banks will request many of these forms. You will need Microsoft word and excel to open and edit these forms to meet your needs.

We have also included a payment calculator to assit you in important calculations you will need many of the documents I have put here for you are not available anywhere else.

A link page to take you to the helpful sites for free assistance in modifying your Mortgage.

And last but not least a free e-book and video to  walk you through the entire process. Again this is free. Just go to our Free E Book page and download. No strings and good luck.

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